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Hangzhou Ling'an West Lake sand mill products are exported to all parts of the country, and are well received by our customers. Especially in the dust removal environmental protection grinding wheel machine and dust removal environmental protection belt machine, there are many national patents technology, has its own core competitiveness, product quality domestic leading. At the same time, casting grinding machine and automatic casting grinding machine are also constantly accepted by the majority of users. And with the cooperation of many domestic companies to develop robot grinding unit, will be widely used in the near future.
At present, our products are table-type, floor-type, hand-pushed, suspended, it drives, hand-held, dust removal and other types of grinding wheel machines, table-type, low-footed, high-footed polishing machines, profile cutting machines, abrasive belt machines, environmental protection dust removal equipment and a series of industrial drilling and milling machines. The company regards quality as life. All products are made of high quality copper wires and brand insulation materials. So that our products can sell well all over the country, the output is increasing year by year.
Double filtration and its drive type polishing and dedusting environmental protection complete set of equipment
Dusting and environment-friendly diamond double head high speed grinder
Diamond double head high speed grinderMT3040G
Single head high speed diamond grinderMT3040G
Environmental protection type diamond high-speed single station grinder for dust removal
Single head explosion-proof dust removal casting grinding machine
Single head explosion proof grinderMT3060F
Single head explosion proof grinderMT3040F
Explosion-proof grinder instead of imported typeMT3040F
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